Team building with promotional products

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Business team building events improve morale, communication, productivity, and strength as a team. Adding promotional products to the event is a great way to multiply these proven benefits. Read about Ayers Promotions’ recent team building event below, written by Tiff Larson, Art Director.

“It was a crisp morning that turned into a sunny spring day, perfect for a company team building event. I drove to the unfamiliar meeting ground of Hawk Mountain for an industry-wide Ultimate Promotional Products field test. Instantly, I spotted a custom printed 14-foot flag banner waving in the air marking the start of the trail, and I knew I was in the right spot!

As I walked over to meet up with the group, I was welcomed by a friendly host who had a backpack chocked full of event-related promotional products for each hiker. I looked around and other attendees were excitedly looking through their bags as they waited for everyone to arrive.

During the three-mile Hawk Mountain hike, we tested out multiple outdoor promotional products, such as a hiking backpack, lip balm, water bottles, wicking T’s, beef jerky and more.  The promotional products brought excitement, functionality and humor to our team building event, and it was a memorable time for all who embarked.”

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What was your most memorable team building event? Leave a comment below.

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The Ayers Promotions team at the top of Hawk Mountain.
Tiff, Ruth Ellen, Rob, Jeff, Karen (left to right), Tiffanni (front)
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14′ custom printed flag banner marking the start of the trail
The promotional products given to each member of our team at the Ultimate Promotional Products field test.
Yes, we even had a promotional umbrella, just in case it rained!
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Waiting for everyone to arrive, hikers are checking out their gear.
On the hike down Hawk Mountain to Boulder Field.
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We want to hear from you! 

What was your most memorable team building event? Leave a comment below.

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